Fundamentals of Kabbalah – Fall 2017

The Fundamentals of Kabbalah Course uses a unique to teaching that activates both the mind and the heart. It consists of two parts: lessons on key Kabbalistic articles that describe the work to rise from our world to spirituality, and a course showing us the evolution from the thought of creation down to our world. Kabbalah is a very practical study - why do we act the way we do? Why is the world experiencing so many crises today? Through these two complementary components, you are led into a very personal journey of discovery as you examine your response to the writings of the greatest Kabbalists of our time.

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1. Introduction to Kabbalah - What is Kabbalah? Evolution of desires. What Kabbalah is not?

2. Perception of Reality - Our 5 senses and the will to receive. Equivalence of Form.

3. The Purpose of Creation - From above-downwards and from below-upwards. Reshimot. Path of suffering and path of light (Torah). Real meaning of Israel, Torah & Mitzvot.

4. The Language of Kabbalah - History of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Roots and branches.

5. The Light that Reforms - Intention during the study. The meaning of "I labored and I found".

6. Matter and Form in Kabbalah - Desire is the matter of Creation. Kabbalah only deals with for form dressed in matter. Unlike a scientist, a Kabbalist changes himself as part of the research.

7. Revelation and Concealment - Love of fish vs spiritual love. How can the creature become like the Creator yet remain independent? Raising the slave through the ministers.

8. Free Will, Part 1 - Pleasure and pain mechanism. The Four factors.

9. Free Will, Part 2 - Overview of Free Will & Inner Work in Kabbalah

10. Inner Work in Kabbalah - There is none else besides him. The 3 lines. The 4 stages of providence.

11. Creation and Evolution explained - From Before The Big Bang To The Future, Final State Of Existence.

12. Special Q&A + Feedback session - Wrap up

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