Kabbalah Revealed

Welcome to the Kabbalah Revealed course! This is a self-study course consisting of 16 lessons. Work at your own pace with the 25 minute lessons, introducing the major Kabbalah concepts. The course will prepare you for live interactive course and/or further independent study. The lessons are progressive and should be completed consecutively. However, this is only a suggestion. The series is presented by Tonic Kosinec, a long time Kabbalah student and disciple of Rav Michael Laitman, PhD, founder of the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education & Research Institute. Before embarking on this fascinating journey of self-discovery and revelation, click on the "Watch introduction" button to watch his teacher the world-renowned Kabbalist Michael Laitman define the wisdom.

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16 Lessons

This is where to start. Enter the void with Bnei Baruch lecturer, Anthony Kosinec. He takes us on a journey through the foundations of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Through this series of recorded lectures a new world will open before your eyes.
By learning the nature of pleasure and suffering, creation and evolution, and the structure of reality, one becomes aware of the infinite potential of human perception.